CNA was founded in 1991 with a vision of investing in well-located retail properties anchored by grocery stores and other necessity based retailers. These type of retailers have repeatedly shown themselves to be more resistant to economic down cycles than other types of retailers. CNA continues to pursue this vision today, focusing on market-leading grocery anchored, entertainment, and lifestyle centers with complimentary service-oriented shop tenants located on irreplaceable real estate in areas with favorable demographics. CNA currently has a heavy presence in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and North Carolina, and looks to continue to build its presence in these markets and select new markets. 

Investment Strategy
Maximizing the overall performance of any real estate investment begins with a thorough understanding of the regional market, proper asset selection, and the development of an appropriate capital structure for the investment. CNA Enterprises individually structures each acquisition to meet a broad range of investment criteria, including value creation, income stability, risk tolerance, and hold period.

Client Capital
CNA’s equity capital comes primarily from affluent individuals and family offices situated both in the United States and abroad. CNA offers a range of real estate opportunities designed to match individual or familial objectives and investment resources. CNA is adept at addressing the needs of multi-generational families and has significant experience managing generational continuity. CNA is skilled at structuring like-kind exchanges of real property as well as investing on behalf of pension and retirement plans, trust, and estates as part of a comprehensive financial plan.

Investment Entities
CNA's investments are typically made through limited liability companies, limited partnerships, or similar investment vehicles. Prospective investors are provided with a detailed description of the aspects of the offered investment: its ownership structure; property, tenant, and location information; performance objectives; and a full disclosure of its fees. After investing, CNA's clients receive detailed reports to keep them informed and involved during the investment cycle. Distributions of operational cash flow to investors are generally made on a monthly basis.

Individual Investments
CNA Enterprises may also represent individual investors in the purchase of properties for their sole ownership. CNA has acted in a range of capacities including advisor, manager, and, in some instances, co-investor in these properties. These separate activities are tailored on an individual basis to meet specific criteria and capitalize on CNA's expertise.